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End of the Season

Wow! What a few days!


In the aftermath of the FIRST World Festival there have been a distinct lack of Team Antimatter updates! This post will hopefully fill in some of the gaps.

The closing ceremony was a great celebration with everyone receiving a medal and Team Invictus from the UK being crowned overall champions. Although Team Antimatter didn’t pick up one of the awards they put in a great performance and the Rubrics were outstanding.

After the awards we were back to the hotel for a bit of a break and then on to watch the FRC finals. This was in the dome and once again the atmosphere was incredible. It was very exciting to watch the big robots shooting huge balls around the playing area. In FTC and FRC all matches are run as alliances. This means team work with another team is vital.

After the final match and a performance by Will.I.Am it was off to the finale celebration. There was a glow party, food and carnival games. It was an amazing end to a great event.

IMG 20140425 173900

There were some amazing teams at the FLL World Festival. The loudest were Team Red from South Korea who started with an amazing performance at the opening ceremony and didn’t stop for the whole event. We thought we had the brightest shirts at the event but the Hippie Panda’s beat us with their tie dyed shirts.

The FLL end of season “hangover” is in full swing with Team Antimatter back into school, sport and other activities after a long and intense season. We have an end of season get together in the next week so that will be a good chance to get together and celebrate the amazing season that was 2013/2014.IMG 20140426 103559