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What it is:

The Buzzy band is a bracelet. We made a prototype from loom bands. It contains a tiny microphone and a buzzer from an old cellphone (This is what makes your phone vibrate.)


How it Works and what it does:

You place the Band on your wrist and when you get too loud the microphone will sense this and the band will vibrate reminding you that you are being too loud.


Why the Buzzy Band is great:


The Buzzy Band is great because it helps teachers manage loud or noisy classrooms and stops them from losing their voices. Another good thing is that the teacher doesn’t have to manage the bands so it is less stress for them. Another thing is you can personalize them to your liking. (E.g. colour)


We shared our solution!


We talked to Judith Fromont about our solution, she is a teacher at St Joseph’s school. We asked her about noisy classrooms and she asked us some questions about our solution. She loved the idea of our solution.