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IMG 0836Wow! What a day. It had to be takeaways for dinner as everyone was tuckered out! This year 27 teams competed in the 6th New Zealand First Lego League Championships. They came from all over New Zealand. The atmosphere was electric. The music was pounding, there was dancing and chocolate and robots.... The Referees were crowned the New Zealand Champions (well not the actual referees, there was a team named the Referees which got confusing when the MC's asked whether the Referees were ready!). They had an awesome robot and it was great to watch.

Team Antimatter were crowned runner-up Champions and had a great day. There were a bunch of Twirly Whirlys given away in the Lego build competition and chocolate.

Well done to all the teams who competed. May your robots drive straight in 2015. See you there!