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The New Zealand 2015 FIRST LEGO League championships

On Saturday the 5th of September ACG Strathallan hosted the 7th annual New Zealand FIRST LEGO League championship.

Due to the way the New Zealand school year runs KiwiFIRST elected to change the way the FIRST LEGO League season is run. This year was a repeat of the FLL WORLD Class so we had another chance to have a go at this challenge.

Some of Team Antimatter have moved on (to bigger things, mostly robots!) so we said farewell to James, Tonii and Amy. The rest of the team thought we needed some new recruits. So, we asked around and Molly, Ann and Jamie are our newest team members! And we must say, they are very cute and enthusiastic.

The championship was a great day as usual. There was dancing, some awesome robots and lots of cheering.

The Referees (a team not the actual referees) went to the FIRST LEGO League World Festival in St Louis this year and they had done a lot of work on their robot. It was an amazing robot and won the robot competition by more than 100 points. It was great to watch their robot at work.

Team Antimatter had Twirly Whirlys and we had a great time with our new members presenting our Buzzy Band project and running the robot.

Team Antimatter we also crowned the New Zealand champions for 2015 which was an amazing achievement. We have another trophy!

Thanks to all the teams who attended the New Zealand champs. We all had a great time. See you in 2016 for FLL Trash Trek!